What we provide

We offer adventure in a place that is still wild, yet easily accessible, a place that is not overrun with tourists.

We offer adventure in a place rich in historical culture, magnificent scenery, abundant wildlife, and a very unique, mystical atmosphere.

We have a luxury tented safari camp situated in a private game reserve in the western Matobo – from which we operate

• Trail running
• Mountain biking
• Hiking
• Mountain climbing, (including bouldering)

We have been in the tourism business in Zimbabwe since 1981, and our considerable experience, coupled with a special relationship with the magnificent Matobo Hills – ensures that our guests enjoy an adventure they will cherish forever.

As the old adage says – There is no substitute for experience!

What to expect in the bush

Participants will set off from camp at first light.

Some of the trails end up at the camp, whilst other trails end up away from camp, where you will be transported by land cruiser back to base.

Trails are marked by various coloured ribbons, and there will be refreshment stations along the way. These stations are staffed/monitored by personnel with a high level of outdoor/bush experience; and these folks monitor who has passed by, and who is still on the trail.

There are many scenic spots in the area, as well as caves/overhangs with Bushmen paintings, and there are also places of historic interest. Guests are guided to these places during their “off” or recovery period if they so wish.

In the evenings we enjoy leisure time on one of the many nearby promontories or “dwalas”, watching the beautiful sunsets with a cold beverage, in hand. Then it’s back to camp to enjoy the campfire under the stars, supper, a hot shower and bed. Climbers are transported early, to their chosen task for the day, and a guide, with vehicle, stays with them throughout the day.

What’s different about the adventures we offer?

The Matobo, especially the western Matobo, is “off the beaten track” as far as well-known tourist destinations go.

It is a rare jewel that has largely escaped the spotlight and attention of the big tourism and travel business.

When people think of Zimbabwe, they think of the famous Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, the Zimbabwe Ruins (ancient stone city) near Masvingo, and the verdant Eastern Highlands.

But the mystical Matobo Hills provides those who go there, with a sense of satisfaction, of peace. Of having experienced a place that has remained largely unchanged since the time of the Bushmen.

No other company operates these kind of activities in the western Matobo – so the hills you climb, the trails you run, and many of the ancient Bushmen paintings you see, will be “new” – “undiscovered” as it were – by the modern adventurer.

Some of our climbing groups are naming certain features, and our runners are setting times on our trails for the first time.

So the excitement of being part of something new, exploring a “new” area has given our clients a lot of satisfaction.

What is also different about our operation is the price. If you take a look at many of the tours/packages offered in Africa today – then one can appreciate the value of these adventure safaris.

Accommodation & Catering

  • We provide a tented camp, hot showers and flush toilets.
  • We provide three meals a day.
  • The borehole water is good for drinking, but we also provide a cash bar which will stock bottled water. Bar accounts can be settled at the end of your safari.

Medical & Health

  • No shots/inoculations/vaccines are required for travel in Zimbabwe.
  • The climate there is temperate, and you will not interact with large groups of people in tropical humid conditions.
  • Our operation is not situated in a malaria area – however, it would do no harm for you to take anti malaria prophylactics.
  • All outdoor activities of course, have some risk of accident, more so, those in which we are running, hiking and climbing in rugged terrain. Therefore – we have a camp medic on site, the guides have medical training, and the company has contracted medical air rescue services to react to any and all emergencies. This means if necessary, they will extract you from where you are, administer whatever stabilizing attention is necessary, and transport you to the world class medical facilities in Johannesburg.

We advise clients to bring with them a basic medical kit pertaining to the prevention of, and treating of blisters.

Book a safari with us

Our safaris are three day and five day tours, with the option of added activities. Ideal size of group is 10 people. We must have a minimum of 6 for a booking – and we can accommodate up to 14 per group.

Three day (cost 2 000.00 USD)

You arrive in camp on day one. Days two, three and four, you are on the trail, or climbing the big koppies. Day five, you pack up, settle all bills, and leave camp.

Five day (cost 2 500.00 USD)

You arrive in camp, on day one. Days two, three, four and five, you are on the trail. Day six, you rest, recuperate and sightsee. Day seven, you pack up and leave camp.

Additional days

Some folks opt to visit the Victoria Falls and/or the Hwange National Park before going home. This costs 300.00 USD per day, per person, and includes transport to the Falls, as well as accommodation there. It does not include dining.

Guests that choose to add the excursion to Victoria Falls, fly home via the Victoria Falls airport.

Included in the price

  • Meet and greet at Bulawayo airport
  • Transport to camp, and back to Bulawayo
  • Three meals per day in camp
  • Accommodation and bedding in camp
  • Services of the staff – general manager, assistant manager, chef, three camp workers, two professional guides
  • 4-wheel drive vehicles and fuel for event deployment
  • Camp medic
  • Global Rescue Medical Service in case of emergency
  • Daily laundry service

Not included in the price

  • Air fares, or road transport, to and from Zimbabwe
  • Drinks, beverages etc (bar available)
  • Extra tours


All prices are quoted in USA dollars. Basic event cost is to be paid in full before arrival in camp. Bar bill to be paid in cash at the end of the safari.