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Matobo offers a wide range of hilly country to challenge all levels of trail runner - this is your playground

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Create new friendships and reinforce bonds on a Ventures Wild outdoor Adventure

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Enjoy trail-running, mountain biking, hiking & climbing, including bouldering, in the majestic beauty of Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe. The craggy, rocky outcrops and rugged nature of the land itself lends a certain unique experience to Ventures Wild outdoor adventure safaris – throw in some African wildlife plus a cultural perspective and you have yourself a one of a kind outdoor adventure!!

“I have enjoyed two holidays with this outfit, magnificent scenery, very knowledgeable staff. Top notch all the way.”

Ambassador J.D. Crouch. Washington. D.C.

“I have enjoyed several wonderful adventures in Zimbabwe with these folks – they run a very professional organisation in very interesting wild places.”

Dimitrie Sturdza. Prince of Romania

“We enjoyed two adventure trips with this group and we were very well looked after. Comfortable, efficient and safe. Wildlife and scenery were enthralling!”

Rob Schanen. Senior Managing Director. Alliant Houston


How Does it Work

Our safaris are three day and five day tours, with the option of added activities. Ideal size of group is 10 people. We must have a minimum of 6 for a booking – and we can accommodate up to 14 per group.

Participants will set off from camp at first light.

Some of the trails end up at the camp, whilst other trails end up away from camp, where you will be transported by land cruiser back to base.

Trails are marked by various coloured ribbons, and there will be refreshment stations along the way. These stations are staffed/monitored by personnel with a high level of outdoor/bush experience; and these folks monitor who has passed by, and who is still on the trail.

There are many scenic spots in the area, as well as caves/overhangs with Bushmen paintings, and there are also places of historic interest. Guests are guided to these places during their “off” or recovery period if they so wish.

In the evenings we enjoy leisure time on one of the many nearby promontories or “dwalas”, watching the beautiful sunsets with a cold beverage, in hand. Then it’s back to camp to enjoy the campfire under the stars, supper, a hot shower and bed. Climbers are transported early, to their chosen task for the day, and a guide, with vehicle, stays with them throughout the day

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